Well... this is a fossil from circa 2000. I've kept it here for your amusement.

Who knows if any of the links below are any good still.

Joe's HTML Mess

The HTML Disaster Area

Welcome to the revamped "Mess"

I've decided to clean up my HTML Mess somewhat, clearing out the dusty links and eventually getting this page up-to-date. I first drafted this page in the summer of 1995, and alot has changed since then. I've changed, standards have changed, browsers have changed, and finally, this web site has changed.

In this revamped version, I've tried to keep these pages as accessible as possible, so that my pages should be readable by nearly anyone with anything from Lynx to Internet Explorer (pyuk!) to Netscape. (Not that anyone would *want* to read these pages, but...) This page is still primarily in its original, pioneering (ha!) "Not So FAQ" format.

Quick Links

Before I bore you to death with my life, here are some quick links off to other places. (It would be presumptuous to call them places of interest, but you may enjoy them.)

(Image) Joe

Who is Joe?

If you've dared to ask that question upon reaching this page, then I suppose I should answer. I'm currently a semi-sane, fully disorganized Electrical Engineer working at Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX.

Where is he from?

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not from outer space. Rather, when I was born, my family lived in a suburb of Flint, Michigan, which is nearly as bad. I've spent roughly equal parts of my life growing up in Davison (that aforementioned suburb), Grand Rapids, and finally Hastings, Michigan.

What does he like?

Well, I like lots of things... I use and enjoy Linux, SunOS, and deodorant. I enjoy computers in general. My computer is named The Asylum. I watch little TV. When I do watch, I enjoy The Prisoner and Star Trek. Likes and dislikes are amongst my favorites. I'd rather eat soap than little stones. Tell ya what... check out my likes page.

Who would want to acquaint themselves with Joe?

Amazingly, I have a number of friends. I'm particularly fond of the number 42. Aside from that, why don't you visit my (unfinished) list of friends?

So, like, where's the caffeine? I'm dozing...

Ok ok... someday, I'll have to sell my autobiography to the medical community as the cure for insomnia. In the meantime, why don't you take a look at my page of favorite links.

Quick trivia quiz:

There is something missing from this collection of pages that's otherwise present in most others. If you think you can figure it out, mail me with your guess. I betcha can't spot it. .

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