Weirdo Family Weirdo Family

My Family

Ties that bind, and gag.

My family is weird. No doubt about it. Sure, you're probably thinking "Yeah, and so is mine. Everybody says his family is weird." Ok then, tell you what... Mine's normal, for sake of argument. Now you decide if that's not a lie.

Here's some pictures of everybody, so you can get a feel for at least what they look like.

Many people may consider these pics to be too large. Indeed, even I do. Oh well. Enjoy, or leave.

The Beautiful Christine Philips
The Beautiful Chrispee!
Alex w/ Oreos
My brother Alex.
My Uncle Joe
My Uncle Joe. This is the canonical picture of Joe taking a picture of Joe taking a picture of Joe taking......
Grand Royal, Guaranteed Every Time. Mom
My Mom Well here's my wonderful Mom. She's at least partially responsible for my weirdness. Obligatory Wave: HI MOM!
Dad, Stepmom, and Half-Sister
My dad and his family Yup, that's right, my mom and dad are divorced, and dad remarried. That's my half-sister there in the back.
The Asylum
The Asylum That (was) my computer (several years ago). Its name is The Asylum. Beautiful, isn't it?
Mohan Kokal
Mohan Kokal One of my roommates (back in college) and good friends. He's the guy that was most likely to be on my machine when I'm not, and the reason I put Ethernet in the house.

Well, it's still far from finished, but it's further along than it was. Enjoy.
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