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If you want a 4-Tris Cart, read my recent announcement.
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Announcing the PhillyClassic Special Edition 4-TRIS Cartridge!

News: The boards are here!

Attention all Pre-orderers! If you haven't received confirmation email from me after April 12th, CONTACT ME!

4-Tris Special Edition Title Screen Cartridge and PCB Thumbnail of 4-Tris Special Edition hardware and docs
Stack of 4-Tris Carts

I'd like to announce the PhillyClassic 2001 Special Edition 4-Tris Cartridge! To celebrate the release of the first new actual Intellivision cartridge in over a decade, I am making an initial run of approximately 30 Special Edition 4-Tris cartridges specifically for PhillyClassic 2001! I will also allow people to order Special Edition carts at the show. After PhillyClassic, I will still sell 4-Tris cartridges (at some indeterminate point in the future), but they won't be PhillyClassic Special Edition Cartridges.

Please bear in mind, that you're paying for the cartridge and the documentation only. As always, I am committed to the concept of Free Software, and I encourage those of you who have the appropriate equipment to download the game for free. The $45 I am charging for this cartridge is paying for the EPROMs, circuit boards, board assembly, and the time it takes to put it all together. I'm making this cartridge form as a service to those of you who want the convenience of a cartridge, or lack the equipment for playing the downloadable version on your Intellivision. The game itself is free and always has been!

I'm not making a profit off of this. Any money beyond my initial hardware costs is going back into additional hardware, so that non-Special Edition cartridges can be sold at mortal prices. The high initial cost covers my NRE costs producing the initial carts.

Note, if you're curious about the current status, see below.

The Gory Details

There are the basic details about the PhillyClassic Special Edition Cartridge, as well as how you can get one (while supplies last!).

Special Thanks!

I would like to extend a special THANK YOU to the following people:


As I get updates in status, I'll place the information here. For now, here's the current news, as of today, Apr 12th:

Last update: Apr 14, 2001.