Guess what? I currently have a job at Texas Instruments... but feel free to look anyway!

= Joseph Zbiciak =

Address available on request
intvnut AT gmail DOT com *


Work History

  • DSP Applications Engineer
    Texas Instruments, Inc 1996 - present
    • Maintained internal VLIW scheduling tool for TMS320C6000-family DSPs, and developed various VLIW scheduling improvements,
    • Wrote optimized DSP functions in VLIW assembly and C,
    • Analyzed and help specify extensions to C6000-family DSP architecture,
    • Initiated and maintained group source code repository, and
    • Generally supported architecture, compiler and benchmarking efforts related to C6000-family DSPs.

  • Student System Administrator
    Bradley Univ. Computing Services, 1996

  • Computer Hotline Consultant
    Bradley Univ. Computing Services, 1992-1996

  • Independent Computer Consultant and Programmer
    • Dr. Andrew Purvis, 1995-1996
    • Internet Michigan, Inc., 1995-1996
    • E.W. Bliss, Inc, 1992-1993
    • Roush Acct. and Tax Service, 1990-1993
    • Hastings Public Library, 1989-1992
    • Hastings YMCA, 1989-1991

  • Systems Programmer and Administrator
    Texas Networking, Inc., Summer 1995

  • Salesperson and Assistant Manager
    Hastings Radio Shack, 1991-1993

  • Computer Programmer
    Hastings TrueValue, 1990-1991

Computer Experience Overview

  • Operating Systems: Linux, SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x, AT&T System V, MS-DOS, MacOS
  • Current Architectures: Extensive use of TMS320C6x VLIW DSP, IBM PC, Sun Sparc

Programming Skills

  • Languages:
    • Current programming focus is on C and VLIW Assembler.
    • Fluent in C, Assembler (multiple 8-, 16-, and 32-bit platforms), Bourne Shell, HTML.
    • Somewhat knowledgeable in C++, Pascal, and Perl.

  • Adaptabilility:
    • Self taught in all but C and 68HC11 & 8051 assembler with over 15 years of extensive programming experience using multiple platforms.
    • Currently personal interests include developing VLIW programming and scheduling techniques for devices such as the 320C6x DSP.

  • Personal programming projects:
    • Projects in sound synthesis and filtering using DSP techniques.
    • Personal investigation into real-time 3-D graphics rendering and animation.
    • Investigation of various visual graphic effects
    • Custom WWW/CGI-script programming
    • Investigation of custom VLIW scheduling techniques for VLIW architectures.

Networking Skills

  • Knowledgeable about TCP/IP stacks and fundamental network protocol
  • TCP/IP Network hardware and software configuration and maintenance
  • SLIP/PPP troubleshooting experience
  • HTTPd (WWW Server) configuration and maintenance

Formal Education

Relevant Course Projects


Charles Collins
Arris Matrix, Inc.
114 E. State St.
Hastings, MI 49058
Mohan Kokal
News Administrator
PrimeNET, Inc.
Contact information unavailable at this time.
Chad Hobert
System Administrator
Internet Michigan, Inc.
Contact information unavailable at this time.
Dr. Donald R. Schertz
Electrical Engineering
Bradley University
1501 W. Bradley Ave
Peoria, IL 61625
Dr. Thomas Stewart
Electrical Engineering
Bradley University
1501 W. Bradley Ave
Peoria, IL 61625
Dr. Gary L. Dempsey
Electrical Engineering
Bradley University
1501 W. Bradley Ave
Peoria, IL 61625


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