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This page documents my efforts to build my own Intellivision Emulator under Linux. I had no idea how far I'd get with the idea when I started, but I made good enough progress that now I have the makings of an Intellivision Emulator which I'm sharing with the world. :-) In fact, its gotten to the point where the world is sharing back now!

BTW, these pictures are the some screen shots that I've produced with jzIntv that I thought were interesting enough to share. I'm getting further...

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About jzIntv

jzIntv is my attempt to write a complete Intellivision emulator from scratch. I've always wanted to write an emulator from scratch, and Intellivision seemed like a perfect choice: I enjoyed the Intellivision immensely while growing up, there are few Intellivision emulators around (and no GPL'd ones), and legitimate ROM images are available.

All of my code is being released under GPL.

The emulator's basic functions are mostly complete. CPU emulation is essentially 100% complete, Sound is about 99.44% complete, controller input is about 80% complete, and Graphics is about 50% complete. To be playable, I need to complete the graphics emulation.

My goal is to produce the most accurate possible emulation of the Intellivision system, including all widely available (and some not-so-widely available) peripherals. This includes items such as the ECS, Intellivoice, and so on. I'd also like my emulator to be as portable as possible. I've already built versions under x86 Linux, Sparc Solaris, and even DOS! (SDL will also let me target Windows and soon MacOS...) We'll see what happens.

At any rate, I'm far from being alone in this. I'd like to extend my thanks to a ton of people . . . .


. . .to the following wonderful people who have made this project even possible!

Let me say this loud and clear -- it's nearly impossible to overestimate the importance of the contributions these people and others have made in order to make jzIntv even dare to be a reality. Even the people mentioned above have contributed far more than a single quick summary can do justice to. If you feel I've left you out of my list or have been inadequately thanked above, please EMAIL ME! and let me know! :-)

Contact Info

I can be contacted at im14u2c AT primenet DOT com .


The closing screen from the simulator provides the following "license" for their software:

Since I don't have any of the actual Intellivision simulator files online, I don't believe I'm violating this license. I'm merely documenting the internals of a freely available program. This is a private web page. Please do not distribute the information you find on this site.

All source code and documentation contained on this site is Copyright © 1998-1999, Joe Zbiciak, except as noted.

Intellivision Simulator Credits

These are the credits from  Intellivision for PC  Volume 1. I include these here because, in many ways, these people have indirectly helped me as well, at the very least with enjoying the Intellivision once again. :-)


Carl Mueller, Jr.

Binaries / Technical Assistance
William Moeller and Scott Nudds

Instruction Illustrations
Thomas Settle

Instruction Transcription
Greg Chance
Carl Mueller, Jr.
Nancy Mueller

Opening and Closing Screens
Carl Mueller, Jr.
Thomas Settle

John Bindel
Ian Farquhar
Sean Kelly
Tim Smith
The Blue Sky Rangers

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