Triple Challenge

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"Here is another cart that I can comment little about. This was released by INTV in 1986 and is simply a multicart containing Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon. I assume this cart is more rare than other INTV titles because most people passed it up, already owning one or more of the included titles (two of which are quite common) by this time. No overlays were included (I'm sure INTV had extra overlays left over from Mattel stock that could have been re-packaged.) and none of the original manuals were included either, not even in cheap INTV re-print. Instead, INTV designed a new fold-out manual giving a description of the three games which is very brief by comparison to the original manuals. The box, on the other hand, has a cool futuristic design.
"One interesting thing to note is that Checkers sounds different than it does on the original cart. Whereas the original cart played the familiar Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack sound when querying for input, this cart plays the tone nearly two octaves lower, resulting in a deep booming sound which is much less irritating to listen to time and time again throughout the game. Other than that, each of the games are the same as the original games with the exception of the title screens (Mattel is changed to INTV.)." Rating: N/A -- Mike Hayes
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