Mattel Demonstration Cartridge

[Screen 1] [Screen 2] [Screen 3] [Screen 4] [Screen 5]
"There isn't much to comment on here, as this cartridge is non-interactive. What is worthy of mention is that it was shipped in an original booklet-style box -- complete with plastic tray and slit -- and was shrinkwrapped, although there was no manual, catalog, or overlays. That contradicted my original idea that it was shipped to vendors to be used with display units at first, but I have been told that is just the way it was. By the way, for those interested, the label has fancy blue text over a white background, and the label is glossy; not the cheap recycled white labels used by INTV.
"The cartridge plays the Space Odyssey 2001 theme while it slowly cycles through five screens seen by the screenshots above (What irony in those last two screens!). After the five introductory screens and the theme music has finished, it plays demos of several early Mattel games: Football; Poker & Blackjack; Armor Battle; Space Battle. The whole thing repeats indefinitely. Makes a great conversation piece. Don't pay through the nose for it though." Rating: N/A -- Mike Hayes
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