Blockade Runner

[Title Screen] [Taking Off] [Dodging the First Wave of Asteroids] [Taking a Hit] [Exploding Alien Mine]
"I don't know what to think of Interphase. This company was rather short-lived, apparently having disappeared after the crash. While Sewer Sam, their other Intellivision game, was a complete waste, this game is rather fascinating.
"The player guides a fleet of four spaceships through an alien blockade and asteroid belt in an attempt to deliver vital supplies to Earth. While constantly dodging asteroids, the player must also shoot or evade alien mines during the first half of the trek, and engage in dogfights with enemy ships during the second half. Along the way, the player will encounter ice crystals which serve as refueling stations, cooling the shields and replenishing fuel on-the-go. Shields heat up every time a ship collides with an asteroid, takes the impact of an exploding mine, or takes a shot from an enemy ship. If the shields overheat, they will temporarily shut down, and a subsequent hit will destroy the ship. If all four ships are destroyed, the game ends.
"Each ship starts with a full supply of fuel and 15 missiles. Missiles are used to destroy alien mines and enemy ships. Three direct hits are required to destroy an enemy ship. Enemy ships cannot be ignored because they will eventually self-destruct, taking the player's ship with them. The ship's supply of missiles is replenished at a very slow rate (5 more every minute, maximum of 15). Scoring is updated every second. Points are earned for distance travelled, mines and ships destroyed, and ice crystals captured. Points are lost for hits taken, time elapsed, and ships destroyed. If the fleet reaches Earth, the game ends and a bonus is earned. When the game ends, the final score and other statistics are displayed.
"The game as a whole is rather pleasant. While the premise is simple, a play session typicaly lasts 5-10 minutes, so it is great for people who typically like to play short games or have a small amount of time to kill. The sound effects are spectacular -- combined with the vivid screen shakes and flashes, the player literally feels every hit taken (a claim made by Star Strike on the back of the box). Who needs a Rumble Pak anyhow? The 3-D perspective is nifty as well, but shooting is a matter of hit-or-miss. Sometimes missiles will seek and destroy the intended target, sometimes they drift to oblivion, and sometimes a stray asteroid will intercept the shots. Maneuvering within firing distance of enemy ships is similarly awkward.
"While the game itself is rather simplistic, it is still a treat to play because of its short duration and excellent visual and sound effects. The controls are also adjustable, which is a nice touch, however minor. The Colecovision port offers similar gameplay but does not feel the same. I recommend the Intellivision port to people who like to play quick games or like games with a lot of special effects." Rating: 4/5 -- Mike Hayes
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