Beauty & The Beast

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"I don't know why people always knock this game. It really isn't that bad, though it is quite common. It's a neat mix of Donkey Kong and Crazy Climber. You are Bashful Buford, trying to save your girlfriend, Tiny Mabel, from Horrible Hank. Dodge the boulders that Horrible Hank throws your way and climb open windows. Climb high enough to reach Hank and he climbs higher, taking Mabel with him. Continue the pursuit until you reach the top of the building, where Hank will fall to his death and you and Mabel will be carried off to safety. Along the way, you will also encounter birds, bats, and rats, who must also be avoided. Mabel will also toss hearts toward you, which will make you temporarily invincible when caught.
"You earn an extra life after you climb every two sections of the building and can earn up to seven lives total. After defeating hank and being carried off to safety, you start over again at the bottom of the building again. The challenge is to defeat Hank as many times as possible. After defeating him once, the boulders start to split in two when they drop, and they start to fall faster and at funny angles. After defeating Hank five times, you get a message of GREAT above the counter and earn extra lives only after every four sections. The real challenge is to defeat Hank as many times as possible. So far I have done it eight times in one game. I don't remember my final score though.
"The graphics are not bad in this game. The scenery is pretty good, though the characters could have been done better. The faint sound of traffic below is a nice touch, along with the scenery which is drawn at successively lower sections of the screen with each higher section of the building reached. The short tunes which are heard while invincible and after each section are not bad, though I wish more than one channel was used. I also wish there were a difficulty selection in this game, though the challenge and difficulty ramping are paced out quite well." Rating: 4/5 -- Mike Hayes
"Killing yourself in this game was never so much fun, especially from high levels. That made this game a whole lot of fun to play and it was still fun even if you weren't jumping off the building." "AxmKap"
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