From: Karl Guttag Subject: Third Set of Documents

Attached is another set of 9918/9995 Documents and Home Computer and some other "history" documents. I have tried to make the titles somewhat self explanatory, but there are a few explanations below.

Among them is the hand written timing diagram that I wrote for the 9918 DRAM interface for putting CPU write data on the Address bus. I saved this document because a couple of other engineers thought it was not possible without a lot of other external buffers or taking an extra cycle to turn the data bus around. I had only been at TI 4 months and this made a bit of my mark as a problem solver. This minor breakthrough was very important to give us enough CPU accesses.

There are several different articles on External Video.

There are documents on the Home Computer requests for modifications and enhancements for the 9918 and 9995.

I also included the documentation I wrote up on a TI-59 magnetic card based calculator interface to the 9918. I think I did this in 1979, because some of the documents are on English "A" size paper (slightly different than 8.5x11-inch) which would suggest that I had returned from England in 1979 with a pad of paper. I had a cable that would plug into the ROM expansion slot in the TI-59. I still have the electronics in the garage (but it hasn't been fired up for 28 years).