Sound Samples from jzIntv

Below are sound sound effects I've captured from jzIntv since I've added sound support. I've placed them here for download, since I'd like some feedback on how close I've come with the sound emulation.

To make life easier, I also have a ZIP file (893893 bytes) which contains the whole set of WAV files in one place.

Note: As of September 6th, I have removed most of the WAV versions because they were too huge. Grab the .wav.gz versions or the ZIP file.

Sample Name Date Description WAV Gzipped WAV Notes
Burger Time Aug 30th, 1999 Level introduction music and music from Burger Time's first level. brgrtime.wav 1474604 bytes brgrtime.wav.gz 35245 bytes  
The Crowd! Aug 30th, 1999 Opening 'Charge!' theme and crowd cheer from Football. cheer.wav 880684 bytes cheer.wav.gz 76486 bytes These two differ slightly: Mike Hayes noticed that the white noise sounded a little "weak", and I think I've fixed it. The "cheer2.wav" file contains the updated white-noise. I think I've fixed the problem, but I'm not 100% sure. See what you think.
Sup 19th, 1999 cheer2.wav 823180 bytes cheer2.wav.gz 63187 bytes
Deep Pockets Aug 30th, 1999 Opening music from Deep Pockets Super Pro Pool and Billiards deeppckt.wav 2103340 bytes deeppckt.wav.gz 130835 bytes  
Lock'N'Chase Aug 30th, 1999 Music played at opening of first level in Lock'N'Chase. lcknchas.wav 350252 bytes lcknchas.wav.gz 6129 bytes  
Math Fun Aug 30th, 1999 Title-screen music from Math Fun cartridge. mathfun.wav 2963500 bytes mathfun.wav.gz 128334 bytes Notice how the notes modulate strangely towards the end of the song. This is due to the fact that the same notes is being played on all three channels together (which is why it's so darn loud!!), but the channels slowly slip out of phase relative to each other. I'm pretty sure the real Intellivision does this, but I need someone to confirm. (My Math Fun cartridge is in Michigan.)
Razz! Aug 30th, 1999 The RAZZ! sound effect, encountered during a game of Night Stalker. This was made by pressing 1 at the title screen and 1 repeatedly in the game. stlkrazz.wav 1779756 bytes stlkrazz.wav.gz 91275 bytes Just like the real Intellivision, the RAZZ! sounds a little different each time...
Thin Ice! Aug 30th, 1999 Title screen music from Thin Ice. thin_ice.wav 1364012 bytes thin_ice.wav.gz 103312 bytes As with The Cheering Crowd above, Mike Hayes noticed that this one was affected by inaccurate white-noise emulation. I think I've fixed the problem, but I'm not sure. Compare for yourself, and see which you think is closer.
Sep 19th, 1999 thinice2.wav 1255548 bytes thinice2.wav.gz 90904 bytes
Thunder Castle Aug 30th, 1999 Title screen / attract mode music from Thunder Castle thunder.wav 3739692 bytes thunder.wav.gz 159220 bytes  
Yer Out! Sep 4th, 1999 The infamous 'Yer Out!' sound effect from Baseball. yerout.wav 100396 bytes yerout.wav.gz 8183 This might make an amusing error beep in Windows...

Last update: Sep 19th, 1999.